Q1: How much do I have to pay for a membership at Absolute Fitness?
A1: Our membership fees vary depending on the type of plan that is best suited for you. Please visit your preferred club and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss in full detail to you our membership plans based on your needs and lifestyle.

Q2: Do I have access to all the other Absolute Fitness clubs in Penang?

A2: Yes. We have the best membership deals in town that allows you to visit different clubs of Absolute Fitness with no additional costs. When you join one club, you join all! Please click here to learn more.

Q3: Can I put my membership on hold when I am unable to visit the club?

A3: Membership freezing at Absolute Fitness will only be for periods no shorter than 60 days. Please refer to our Front Desk for more information.

Q4: Can I bring a guest with me to the club?

A4: Nothing makes us happier than having our members referring and bringing in friends/family to our clubs. You may bring any number of guests into our club for a one-day complimentary pass by having them register at the Front Desk. If the same guest would like to make a second visit, he/she may purchase our one-day pass or better – become a member!

Q5: What are the opening hours of Absolute Fitness?

A5: We open from 8.30am-11pm on weekdays, 10am-10pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Q6: What do I entitle for after becoming a member at Absolute Fitness?

A6: You will have full access to any Absolute Fitness clubs in Penang. That means unlimited group exercise classes, complimentary drinks at our clubs’ cafeterias, complimentary bath towel usage, and more! However, if you wish to maximise your result with minimum time, you may hire our Express Results Trainers at competitive rates for one-on-one personal training sessions.

Q7: Are there any special offers on membership fees?

A7: Please enquire in your nearest club for more information. 

Q8: What is the minimum term for a membership at Absolute Fitness? Am I obligated to a long-term contract?

A8: Fitness is a lifestyle, not a seasonal undertaking. Therefore at Absolute Fitness, our long-term plans have been our best sellers for their exceptional value. Short-term plans are also available nonetheless to suit your budget and profile. Please enquire within your nearest club for more information.

Q9: Are there any family memberships available at Absolute Fitness?

A9: We currently serve only individual memberships at Absolute Fitness. For corporate rates, kindly visit the “Contact Us” page and submit your queries. Our person-in-charge will be in touch with you soon to discuss further.